Coin Specifications

Ticker : ZCN
Type : Game + Proof Of Stake (50% annual interest, 8 hours minimum)
Maturity : 20 confirmations
Total supply : 2'000'000'000 ZCN
Premine : 10% for developers
Premine : 10% for players

Why invest now?

Cryptocurrency will become more and more present

CryptoKitties, the 1st and most famous Cryptocurrency game reached >14 Million $ revenue in some months.

Secured, fast and transparent

Because Zugcoin use Proof Of Stake, it's secure and fast.
Based on the blockchain, Zugcoin is transparent.

High annual interest

50% annual interest by staking Zugcoin.

Mobile market is huge

37 Billions $ spent in 2017, mainly for Virtual Asset.
50 Billions $ will be spent in 2018.

Source : statista


Trade your characters, vehicles to others players


Zugcoin could be used to advertise everything on our eco-system.


Q1 2018

Blockchain test
Game integration

Q2 2018

PoW Blockchain started
Proof of Game
Code published on github
Windows, Mac, Linux Wallets
Community servers
Game : CryptoRun
Network infrastructure

Q3 2018

PoS blockchain started
1st exchange
Zugcoin Website
PoG algo adjustment
Game: RacerZ
2nd exchange
Android Wallet

Q4 2018

Web Wallet
3rd exchange



Trade your virtual asset

Easy to play

Blockchain Development

Simple design

Cross platform

Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux

High Level Security

100% Free










CryptoRun , RacerZ


Cedric Larouziere

Founder, Developer, Blockchain
Zug, Switzerland

Christophe Champion

Co-founder, Blockchain
Zug, Switzerland

Mathieu Visnjevec

2D & 3D designer
Paris, France

Amandine Perrin

Zug, Switzerland

Patrick Kosek

Blockchain, marketing
Zurich, Switzerland

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Zugcoin?

Zugcoin is based on a blockchain, a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions.

Easy to use : Just to download a game/app on a Mobile or a Computer or a Console.

Fast and secured payments : You can send and receive payment in few minutes.

Easy to get : Can be earn by playing games, trading in games or on exchanges.

Mixed features : Combines Virtual Assets in games + cryptocurrency + trading platform.

Cross-platform : Will be available on Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, PS4, XBOX.

I have technical problem, how can I contact you?

You can contact us on info@zugsoft.com , or on discord

I deleted CryptoRun on my Mobile, what can I do?

Your data are safe on our servers, by installing the game, your data will shown on your mobile

Do you have a block explorer?

We are working on a block explorer, but you can already this :

Block Explorer

How many zugcoin can I collect?

We fixed the amount of coins per day to 200'000zcn, in average a good player can collect 1000-2000zcn per hour

What is Proof of Stake?

It's possible to earn zcn just by using our Wallet on your computer, you must have at minimum 1000zcn in your Wallet, and keep your wallet running

Ex : If you have 1000zcn in your Wallet, and you keep your Wallet open on your computer, after 1 year you will get 500zcn for free.

Is it free to play?

Yes, you don't need to spend your money to earn zugcoin, you just have to play.